Monday, September 19, 2016


In the psalms of night birds
in the bright morning trees,
I hear your song echoing,
overwhelming me.

Always above me,
around and below,
inside me your love’s
a constant glow.

In warm summer’s ocean,
in the soft breath of night
I sway in the rhythm
of passionate life.

(15 June 2012)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Assad Visits Homs

Those who love their own noise are impatient of everything else. ... Our noise, our business, our purposes, and all our fatuous statements about our purposes, our business, and our noise: these are the illusion.

Thomas Merton.

He came to visit today
with cameras firmly fixed
on his perfect

He came with his selected throng

to acknowledge their 

as he surveyed his
Those old buildings were such a blight,
rabid rats, full of the noise
of rebellious children,
but now, city leveled, he can see
how beautiful it all will be.
Bright new buildings soon will rise,
and scrape death from the acrid sky; 
and everything will be 
first rate!
....but just out of al Jazeera’s frame
black smoke pours over
Baba Amr;
incinerated hopes;
dark stain.

(27 Nov 2012)

Headline NY Times, 17 Sept. 2016: 
                                    His Grip Secure, Assad Smiles While Syria Burns

Friday, September 16, 2016

On the Feast of St. Stephen

The Martyrdom of St. Stephen by Peter Paul Rubens 1616-1617

"The life of the soul is not knowledge, it is love, since love is the act of the supreme faculty, the will, by which man is formally united to the final end of all his striving – by which man becomes one with God." (Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain)

my eyes can see how wind tears, how
clouds ravage the sky
to shreds…

Can you hear the geese fleeing,
shouting dread
as the savage storm crouches?

Are you afraid?

I know
how the sea sometimes
launches boulders;

but the stubborn land
bows and waits
and, swollen, forgives

with torrents of life;
rivers of joy.

(20 Sept. 2013)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Window of Being

“Actions are the doors and windows of being. 
Unless we act we have no way of knowing what 
we are. “ Thomas Merton

through the door
and do
not stray
in this dark room,
thin soul of


Break open the window,
and breathe deeply
the light

of being.

(25 Oct 2012)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Abyss of the Soul

“The truest solitude is not something outside you, it is an abyss opening up in the center of your own soul.” Thomas Merton

When night rushes in
and tightly presses
my fading eyes
and even the faithful wind

with breathless prayer
will I call you.

Your strong hand
will catch me as I fall
beyond my failures
beyond the
of my will,

down to my truest solitude
to the abyss
of the soul.