Sunday, February 10, 2013

Slowly Turns the Earth

With breath of waking
begins summer's day,

first a whisper
and then a kiss.

Mist descends
through glistening leaves;

veils of steam rise
from living streams.

Darkness nearly done,
broad day contends and wins
bright fields of the sun,

'til blazing noon,
(spent heat of youth wilting
to lustrous night) dies.

Then wrapped in starry sheets
again we sleep.


  1. It was nice to visit a warmer clime in this poem, from the edges of winter up here in Canada. I especially love "wrapped in starry sheets"...just lovely.

  2. Steven, I just wanted to give you a heads-up that we picked you for Poem of the Week over at Poets United today. It will post at 3 p.m. Central. Hope you like it. I chose a series of three poems you wrote about loss. Such beautiful writing and philosophy. Thanks, kiddo!

  3. Beautiful lines here, especially the last two. How nice to be able to visit my home through your words.