Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Prophecy

The cities of England burn
with the rage of youth -
nothing to gain
and nothing to lose.

Blitzkrieg rains incinerate
shops and schools
give cover
as they rush through
gaping windows.

“so why not go get your own?
a penny’s worth,  a purse,
a watch,
designer jeans
you know…..

“nearly one million school leavers
and graduates
out of work,
a generation lost
to worklessness.”[i]

So sirens wail as batons flail
like v-bombs launched
on the nation’s children…


The story of our
strangled civilization
written on the back
of bloodied balance sheets

until new order prevails
in the cities of England, France,

the few rich
and the many poor.


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