Sunday, June 23, 2013

Simon and Garfunkel, 1969

Their music
still holds me.

two voices
swelling in the night
driving out the silence
with the sound
of sweet life.

Horror filled our lives then,
war was all around
and the very best  among us
all were
shot down -

But we never lost hope
so long as we could hear
their music ringing clearly
as the darkness gathered near.


  1. smiles...i can appreciate the small things, like their music that instill in us hope for another day...sad so many were lost in war...and thankful for those that made it home...

  2. Yesterday I was in a crowd of people in a restaurant when Sound of silence came on the speakers.. and I smile and just whispered the words along.. and I was at peace. :) it made me smile, because it's one of the first songs that I tried to learn to play on guitar.

  3. I am still a fan, for these reasons.

  4. no music unifies like this era eh?