Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spider Web

The spider web drifts,
abandoned, useless,
high in the window 
bright in the setting sun,
close to a world in motion.

Not immersed in the savage flow,
it is protected from wild birds 
that caw in the swaying tree
peering down
at creatures bound to solid, 
unmoving ground.

Their motion 
is sacred motion,

but the web just aimlessly stirs
in an inner breeze 

always on the edge 
of the living sea

held fast by stasis 
of gravity.


  1. You allow me o consider the spider web from an original perspective, a completely different angle. You open my eyes to the art of its existence. Lovely.

  2. This poem is really touching... I've felt like this so many times. Thank you for the inspiration :)