Saturday, September 29, 2018

Cry Aloud

Photo Steven Federle: Conflagration at Clear Lake, 2018

A voice said, "Cry aloud!"
and I said, “But what shall I cry?”

Shall I sing to the people 
a song of spring,
hills aflame with green,
dry grass igniting 
with joy?

In darker days, 
when the high meadow fell fallow
and flowers of the valley 
dried to dust, 
I thought you'd turned
away, took your giving hands
to other lands.

Despairing, I wept, 
stung by tears
from angry Hell, 
and doubted 
your love. 

Oh, forgive me, pity your child
and make your enduring rain fall

on the riotous grass, 
on the bold crocus
and passionate 

Photo Brian Federle: On the Pacifica Path, 2014

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