Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I cried out for help
and in the silence  
I heard a voice,
like my voice
but from deep in a dream, 
ringed in song and sleep.
I heard Him declare, 
"yes,  I am here."

and so I cried, 
"Lord, I am deprived,
have become
the afflicted one
you once saved!"

but He replied, 
"Be quiet. For 
In the silence
of your soul 
I'll make
a cool river flow.

Water-gardens will spring forth
as I lift you, fortify you
until with your strong arms
I'll raise the shattered walls,
mend the breaches
that separate men, 
and restore to life 
the peaceful lanes
for the innocent 
children of Homs 
to play.

ref: Isaiah 58:9-12

(15 Feb 2013)

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