Sunday, May 26, 2013

Old Cat

she lies under my chair
warmed by the dancing sun
as singing leaves
nod the long afternoon
towards evening.

her fur flows
in the freshening wind;
she hears the
trees whisper
their secret. . .

that soon night
will draw her in,
cradle her softly,
and fill her eyes
with sleep.


  1. Oh, this is very very sad......the life of an animal is way too short.

  2. we lost our cat back in december...she lived a good life...have a kitten that spent the last 6 months with her and he brought her back a bit in the waning days...he curled up on my chest today..touching write...

  3. Sad...a pet gives unconditional love and is probably the most important dimension to anyone's life. Enjoy the little time you have left with puss.

  4. This is so sad but at the same time very tender and very beautiful. I cried for years after my cat died

  5. This is very moving, Stephen. Our fur companions mean so much. It is so hard to watch them age, knowing a parting is on its way. Another parting, in your case. Hold her close, while you can.

  6. This is so beautiful--like a gentle breeze!

  7. I Can Just See The Old cat, You Captured Many Levels Of Age, The day's, And PerhapsEven Our Own Mortality And A Peaceful Acceptance Of What Is To Come, Lovely And Simple.

  8. Had to put her down tonight. Very hard.