Thursday, October 31, 2013


st francis santa fe

The old town square swings 
in the gentle desert breeze
as the band plays hot salsa and Grateful Dead, 
and couples dance and children laugh
in the dying day's lingering heat. 

We don't dance, 
although our feet tap,
our shoulders shrug 
to these fiesta rhythms,

We claim our seats 
under the ancient elm
in the cathedral's green yard, 
and watch as St. Francis, 
with sweeping gesture, 
blesses with eternal joy 
this lusty life.

In the deepening shade 
of trees and adobe wall,
we stand 
as the day declines, 
and the fiery sun descends 
beyond painted desert hills, 
the glorious moon rising, 
over Santa Fe


  1. You captured so many glorious views.
    The final stanza was my favorite-gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE this scene, this place. Gorgeous imagery, Steve. Thank you for taking me there.

  3. Oh that sounds absolutely glorious, especially the sun setting and moon rising over Sante Fe. Wow.

  4. under the ancient elm
    in the cathedral's green yard,
    and watch as St. Francis,

    a beautiful afternoon & evening you painted... watching and soaking in the festivities and feeling the past and the future within one's bones. Nice.