Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Leaf from the Album "Dreaming of Traveling while in Bed (臥遊)"
ink and color on paper, 27.8 x 37.3 cm, Palace Museum, Beijing

On the high round table it stands;
small plant in a plastic pot
tender leaves
turn to the narrow window,
to meet the faithful morning sun.

We water it daily,
carry it carefully
to the deep sink for a good, long drink
and then back to its own bright place
estranged from the wilder yard by double-pane.

Sudden as September,
it happens.

In the grey morning,
bathed in their own pure light
bright blooms, fragrant breath
of insistent life,

the sweet song
of survival.

(31 Oct. 2013)


  1. ...ah, very beautiful... that must have been a great moment to witness... to see beauty reached its full potential... loved that ending note of quite an achievement... yes, indeed a sweet song of survival... smiles...

  2. Lovely writing, Steven. I used to be an avid (obsessive)gardener but as I now live in an apartment I have to make do with a few potted plants. They bring the best of the outside inside.