Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rose at Nightfall

“God wants to know the divine goodness in us.” Thomas Merton

Red rose flames
in shade of day’s end.
Night sifts gently
through dark trees;

but the rose!
the rose yet blooms;

defies the fall
of night’s certain pall.


  1. Gorgeous imagery! I definitely see the inspiration!

  2. ...real beauty still shines even in dark hours.... excellent depiction & could very well fit to my artwork: Night Roses.... smiles...

  3. Steven, I'm glad you linked to Poets United, because I've never read your work before - at least I don't think I have.

    This prompt took so many in different directions, but this poem has a blissful, hopeful quality. The rose has determination, and that speaks to the human condition as well. The imagery is lovely, too.

    Thanks so much, Amy

  4. Lovely. The rose abloom, as night falls.

  5. A pall by any other name would be as blessed with this rose's bloom! Great work, Steven.