Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Heist

Two grey-blue mockingbirds
alight on my cherry tree,
and set up their look-out;
the squatting male belches
shrill, harsh warnings, his
screeching song feigning pain
to make the gold-finch
and robin flee in alarm,
while Bonnie to his Clyde
picks at my ripe cherries and
knocks one to the ground;
flitting lightly down, she arises,
all Betty Boop
red lips pouting
between pointed beak,
as together they make their get-away,
high into the cottonwood,
beyond the reach of my constable cat,
to divide the fruit of their crime.


  1. that drives the cat mad as black birds eat the pears on my tree...til the bb gun shoos them off...smiles.

  2. I love your vivid description. Lovely to have mockingbirds in your yard. We have a flock of mourning doves....just lovely.

  3. Love the use of Bonnie and Clyde & Betty Boop!! You have written the bird scene well. I can almost hear the squawking!! Smiles.

  4. My favourite lines/images were: "all Betty Boop"; and "high into the cottonwood"; nice execution.