Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bridge at Montezuma Slough

We drive to see
where the twisted road will lead.

Salty river, winding slough,
dark water
rising to frothy cap
slapping concrete pier,

moon driven waves race
back to beckoning bay.

Finally we must decide...

cross the low bridge
or turn back,

but the flood is so close to the deck!

We feel tidal vibration,
basso profondo,
rattling sub-sonic
in our ears
as together
we face our fear,

and slowly cross,
eyes always ahead
til again we feel sure earth
solid beneath our tread.

(2013  - 2018)


  1. I like the word Faith in your labels - takes faith to make such a crossing, yet somehow we do it.

  2. A very intriguing write, facing fear to move ahead rather than return to the security of what lay behind in the past. Good stuff here Steven!

  3. my heart beat fast at the idea of the tidal vibrations rattling the ears. And the moon driven waves gave me a thrill. Nice writing.

  4. This is fantastic stuff. I wasn't crazy about it the first time I read it a couple of days ago but reading it now I feel the suspense. Good flow and the word-choice is nice and there's no excess anywhere, taut.

  5. Interesting thought this posed