Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joshua Tree

As surely as God is trustworthy,
His clouds will rise in the desert sky
pillaring, muttering thunder
while close by, hot winds
blast the manzanita,
throw bright mica
at slick rock walls,
and bend low
the Joshua tree
with His mighty

We thought that all was lost,
that God, once denied,
would refuse to hear
our thirsty prayer;

but know you this:
His nature
is all


AN: Ref. Second Corinthians 1:18-19

Thursday, February 16, 2012


                               Chiron and the boy Achilles, Roman fresco Pompeii
                                  C1st A.D., Archaeological Museum of Naples

Soon night will tie a knot
through the silky cord of time;
we'll gaze through gauzy windows
as to nothing day subsides,

as fly avenging furies
through cimmerian skies,
Chiron will teach us all
the truth in all our lies.

Author's note: KHEIRON (or Chiron) was the eldest and wisest of the Centaurs, a tribe of half-horse men. But unlike the rest of this tribe he was an immortal god. He was a great teacher who mentored many of the great heroes of myth including Jason, Peleus, and Akhilleus. Eventually, however, he passed away from the earth, after accidentally being wounded by Herakles with an arrow coated in Hydra-venom. The wound was incurable, and unbearably painful, so Kheiron voluntarily relinquished his immortality and died. However, instead of being consigned to Haides, he was given a place amongst the stars by Zeus as the constellation Saggitarius or Centaurus.  (

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rising Sun

rising sun
floods the highway
washes with gold
my eyes
blind, peering
for an opening
to go.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suisunes Woman

when waters were clear
and elk foraged, fearless on 
high bluffs, she waited
for her husband

flowing swiftly 
with catch of salmon
he rode the western wind 
as her eyes guided him

while high above 
gathered the feathery 
souls of the old ones,

returned from sea, 
honored guests,
to the evening feast.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Хамза аль-Хатиб

Хамза аль-Хатиб,
мило улыбнулась.

Неужели он думает о школе
и футбол, и друзья
ожидания, чтобы играть
, когда они поймали его,

примерно буксируемых его в свой белый фургон
взял его на своем участке, и потребовал
его блестящие слезы,
от его нежной покраснел
с смятения и страха?

Они сделают из него
о том, что происходит с теми,
кто стремится к счастью
в Сирии Асада.

Но вы, плач родителей,
Вы трубки нам ваше пытали ребенка
искаженное лицо, зияющие грудь
рваные оружия, опозорившейся половых органов.

Показать нам, как
Асад разрушает свое будущее.

О родители Сирии, встань
и отправить Асад
в съеживаются от страха перед воротами небес

как Аллах
осторожно колыбели
ваш убиты

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Close By

close by, 
in this empty room
I feel air lightly cross my lips,
rush to rising lungs, 
mix with surging blood
and lengthen my life
by another breath.

Then I know how thin
the line between am
and has been. 

But watching the sun decline
through windows of time
my wonder rises
as stars fill my widening sight
and I see how it will be
in eternity.