Tuesday, December 27, 2016


“Hope takes us entirely out of this world while we remain bodily in the midst of it. Our minds retain their clear views of what is good in creatures. Our wills remain chaste and solitary in the midst of all created beauty...”  Thomas Merton, No Man Is An Island

Clear and whole, 
the moon waits,

solitary self
chastly gazing
on the blazing east 

on the new sun,
the good day.

(3 July 2012)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve, After Mass

The light from the tree
throws gold on my
dark wall.

Night lurks, but
thin windows
keep the wind at bay

as day flows faithfully
to day.

So we wait

for the exuberant sun
to spill reckless warmth
over the grateful Earth.

Life is a prize,
a gift of great value

gold given by the eastern king
to the newborn

So receive it!

Your faith
has saved you.

(24 December 2010)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Listen to That Darkness

"Oh, listen to that darkness, listen to that deep darkness, listen to those seas of darkness on whose shores we stand and die. Now can we have you, peace, now can we sleep in Your will, sweet God of peace? Now can we have Your Word and in Him rest?" Thomas Merton, A Book of Hours.


I'll wait in this bright room.

Night rages, windows fade
to none,

and trees bend, thrashed
by your love-song.

For you I'll wait -
Oh when, oh
will you come?

(23 Aug 2013)

Saturday, December 10, 2016


The generals line-up, war-plans
in withered hands, ready to strike
the children.

But do not fear this transition!
For above the black clouds, know that He lingers,
Ready to strike!

Then will the blind see and the deaf hear.
Then will we leap for joy
As the mute break forth
In song!

Isaiah 35: 1-6A - 10.

(10 Dec 2016)

Stones in the Darkness

stones in the darkness
cold, unseen, the wind above
my wooden fence sighs

silence in the night;
I hear only my hushed breath,
feel my waning life.

(12/26/2013 - 10 Dec. 2016)


The man of science said
that in the beginning
there was nothing,
obeying some quantum urge,
suddenly everything

and that was all.. .

that was just
the way it happened... no need
for God...just cold, hard
cosmic law.

But the poet,
hearing his breath
rush deep within his lungs,
feeling his heart pound in anticipation,
says to his beloved,

“Ha! I found You!”

(24 April 2014)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

They Seek You in the Storm

They seek you in the storm
riding high above the lightning, striking
the yielding earth with your fire.

In fields of the dead; in
seeds flung deep -
the generations unknown,

they seek you
in the stars
coldly staring,
your imagined face
in the emptiness of

But I know you. 

in my lonely night,
alone, I seek.

(31 March 2014; 8 Dec 2016)


In Memoriam John Glenn: July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016

Thin line of night, 
edge of living light,
as God's mighty hand, 
wipes clean 
this dirty slate
to begin again
a clear, new day.

New Year's Eve, 12/31/2011


Hail Mary
full of grace
you are
filled with grace,
with grace
fill me
in streams
of yes
draw me
to where you are
to where He is
among wo-
among men
fruitful, grace-
fully gliding
through the
dark veil
at the hour
of yes
to my

(29 December 2012)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Life...by itself

“Life…by itself has neither purpose nor fulfillment.“ Thomas Merton

Fill my day
with soft breezes.

I hear the birds call;
singing bees
with the pleasure
of the sting.

Oh! Let me breathe deeply
the innocent air!

Minute by minute
force my life
through thin membranes,

for in the end
sleep will lead me
to bright seas, dreams
of fading mist;

fill it full
with your love!

(28 July 2013)