Sunday, August 30, 2020

Wildfire in Paradise

The burnt sky of
Paradise, drifts
towards the sea.

On acrid breezes
ashes fall —
promises scattered
and consumed,

as the sun —
its dark,
bloody husk,
exposed at last —
hangs, ruined.


Evening Meditation

Our apple tree is exuberant tonight,
its white blossoms flare within emerald shades
of our big cottonwoods,

and the flashing red finch descends
busy among the bursting white flames,
when suddenly, by a small boy enraptured,
it poses as the guardian halcyon.

Love in April is like this,
measured in flashes
of red wings in trees
and scored in lines of
molten sunlight, pouring
through our knotty fence
into the silky darkness
of our star drenched night