Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ohio stretches endlessly blue

Ohio stretches
endlessly blue

like the infinite wind
sightless and cold

piercing my
coatless soul

like the agonized snows
of spring.

(20 July 2016)

Deleware Reservoir is flooded

Deleware reservoir is flooded.

Delicate pools
of blue reflect

the fleeting arch of a heron ascending

as I wait

by the lakeside.

(20 July 2016)

Morning Visions

Morning Visions

Like a river glimmering at morning
memory flows softly.

The road ends abruptly,
pavement dissolving into primal mire.

There is no sky,
no hard, limiting blue;
only white mist sinking deeply
into indefinite winter fields,
the trees infinitely rising,
the broken land darkly waiting.


Vagrant fog bursts
to metallic blue light
dirty grey, pierced
by the unforgiving sun,
by the harsh, perfect sky.


California is a sharp line,
the western horizon, unrelenting, pure,
absolute blue
against the unmistakable edge

while in the east
clouds hover —
bright, deadly rocks

over eroding hills.

(20 July 2016)

Thursday, July 14, 2016


“We are always traveling and traveling as if we did not know where we were going. “ Thomas Merton

Warm wind stirring our
tallest trees.  Sunset retrieves
another hot day.

Descends silken night;
passion ignites summer's sky,
stars, like wine, delight!

In cool rooms I'll wait
for you to awake. O come!

We'll begin again!

(31 Oct 2013)