Saturday, March 17, 2018


Image: Fancy Farm, Kentucky

Summer steam
washes us clean
like a warm bath

as we wade through young fields, 
new corn waist high 
to where blue sky 
meets the rustling green sea.

We navigate by dead-
reckoning to the red barn. 

Wary of snakes, 
with flailing stick you flush 
out the tall, quick hares.

Feathers flashing, quail
burst heavenward at 
our clumsy approach, 

but in the dark barn 
we find 

God's own light streams down 
into fragrant stalls
as wise eyes
regard us.

We reach out to touch.

They nod, 
first in warning,
then with bright approval.

(6 Feb 2012)


  1. I so love this. So rich with imagery I felt I was there - I especially love entering the barn - horses have such peaceful energy and very wise eyes!!!! Loved this poem.

  2. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Lovely poem :)

  3. "We navigate by dead-
    reckoning to the red barn."

    Well, this poem is a lovely, forgiving poem, but I honed in on the line above. How often we would ride in the farmers fields (horseback) and as the corn grew - we could barely see above the silky tails - and boy, the horses really tried to grab a few treats. A number of times we got lost... :)

  4. Wonderful words
    brings back great memories of my grandparents farm,
    harvest, the smells of the barn
    very nicely done

  5. Thank you for showing me this so vividly. The love is all through it.

  6. nice wording,
    the imagery of red barn and past scars forgiven are wonderful.