Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Winter Tree

Photo Brian Federle: Desert Tree, Palm Springs, 2016

The winter tree 
does not move.

Its wide trunk 
plunges into graven earth, 
unseen roots, grasping hands
feel deeply the living soil,
hold firm anchorage
against the coming storm,

but rising wood, thin
though strong enough 
to paint slender lines, 
trails into purer air, 
gives shelter
to Christmas birds.

They hunch on stems, quietly
waiting to sing open 
the dawn.



  1. "waiting to sing open / the dawn." Nice line there, an apt description for all morning people.

  2. Rooted deep against the coming storm. A lot can be learned from the tree. Love the way this opens up.

  3. Oh wow, "they hunch on stems quietly, waiting to sing open the dawn". How incredibly lovely.

  4. Hope best thing to hold on to...................

  5. What a brilliant verse. I love the the intellectual idea of the dawn chorus, but the reality drives me crazy.

  6. aha...the concluding lines are just too beautiful...a new dawn brings so much peace. Lovely...

  7. very poignant, the last lines ring in hope