Friday, June 2, 2017

Mercy and Love

"Joshua Tree National Park" Brian Federle, 2016

In order to know and love God as He is, we must have God dwelling in us in a new way, not only in His creative power but in His mercy.  Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation.

Nothing I could do
would ever be enough
to make the dead-wood
live.  Though the wind
and rain sever bright leaves,
tender blossoms from
the cherry tree, and the
birds themselves fly
from my anger,

I know
I could never
make it right,

though with tears I flood,
nourish them with a
broken heart’s blood

I am powerless.

Yet still these bruised stems,
thicken and split
to bud, spill green life,
fill the earth
with mercy
and love.

(2012, 2017)


  1. I love the whole thing, especially the note of life-affirming hope that nature continues to nurture life, in spite of all. Beautiful, kiddo.


  2. i like the very bright last stanza.......

  3. Love it. Through the harshness of despair, hope stretches forth its stems.